Time, Money & Energy Of Financial Planning

Time, money, energy….What is important to you? What does that pie chart look like? What’s really important to you? How do you want to balance it?

That should be defined right at the outset you know because and this change is over time too The beginning of your career you might be all about the money You might be willing to sacrifice the time. People need to sacrifice the energy but then you get to 55-60. I’ve been doing this for several years and my energy is a little bit more important to me now. My time is a little bit more important to me now. What are you doing in order to give it back to yourself because the same stuff’s not going to do it

Time, money energy This is for anybody in the business world It’s for clients getting ready to retire It’s for anybody but until you’re honest with yourself on what’s important You are like a blind man trying to find a meal It’s It’s not there and often we get told what we should be wanting by others and then we get angry at others for pursuing those things You got a choice everyday but put yourself in the position in order to achieve it and part of what we’re doing

Crown Haven is where providing people with the expertise and the tools in order to better balance their time and energy so they worry less about that money and spend more time enjoying their lives. Contact us to learn how we can maximize all your variables for retirement.