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Through Purposeful Financial Planning, We Ensure Your Wealth is Properly Positioned to Accomplish Your Desired Outcome – Giving You Peace of Mind – So You Can Focus on What Matters Most to You.

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Crown Haven Wealth Advisors is located in Carmel, Indiana assisting clients in the Indianapolis area – and nationwide – with thoughtful financial planning in meeting their retirement and money management goals. We help achieve this through our proprietary RetireSHIELD® planning process.

We View Your Wealth As Your Most Important Business

Serving as your Fiduciary, Crown Haven helps you clearly define your goals and create customized strategies in order to achieve them.

As the Owner and CEO of your wealth, you are at the forefront of every decision.

Your Financial Home Base

Your time and energy are valuable, but a comprehensive plan requires that someone manage it. Instead of a never-ending list of professionals, Crown Haven brings all the various areas of your wealth together, allowing you to get busy living – our clients will tell you it’s a wonderful feeling.

The Crown Haven Team

Our Team brings over 40 years of combined financial experience to help you design your ideal wealth management plan for yourself and your family. Whether you are planning for retirementnearing retirementalready retired, a high net worth individualbusiness owner, or simply want a second opinion, our team is here to help you reach your financial goals. Contact us today.

A Plan with A Purpose

Through our 5-Step RetireSHIELD® Process, our advisors work with you to create a customized – and intentional – financial plan and portfolio that will help you sustain your ideal lifestyle, now and for life.

Complex financial situations necessitate precise, highly personalized, and intentional plans. We understand each client as having a unique financial situation with unique financial goals and objectives. Our advisors work diligently with our clients to create an entirely customized wealth management plan to reach their objectives.

This includes customized:

We know that by tailoring your wealth management, we can more effectively accomplish your financial goals, no matter how complex they are.

To us, purpose-based planning means that your wealth is working together in harmony, and each piece of your wealth is complementing and supporting the others.

A portfolio disjointed from a financial plan or tax plan is non-ideal. We look for opportunities to drive out inefficiencies and remove threats, so the portfolio is best positioned to capitalize on the benefits and take advantage of opportunities of the custom financial plan.

When every aspect of your wealth is working in concert to accomplish your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. This is the essence of purpose-based wealth planning.

Our ideal client is an individual who appreciates trust, relationships, and expertise. This person values their time and energy, and accordingly, desires to leverage the experience of a trusted team to assist them in reaching their financial goals.

These individuals can include:

For more information on the specific services we offer to clients, please visit our Financial Planning page. Have another question? Reach out to an advisor

5-Step RetireSHIELD® Process

  • Relationship Visit

    We establish a relationship based on trust and shared values by:

    • Sharing our mission, vision, and core values
    • Explaining our planning philosophy
    • Discussing our RetireSHIELD® process
    • Identifying what really matters to you
    • Determining your financial circumstance
    • Establishing your desired outcomes

  • Portfolio Diagnostic

    We audit your portfolio to understand how it aligns with your goals and desired outcomes by examining your:

    • Asset Allocation
    • Diversification Strategies
    • Expense Ratios
    • Risk Capacity
    • Secure Income Sources
    • Tax Qualification Status
    • In order to create a foundational framework for our partnership.

  • RetireSHIELD® Plan Design

    We custom-tailor your financial plan using our registered RetireSHIELD® process. In coordination with our institutional partners, We build globally diversified portfolios to optimize your upside potential while minimizing your downside, all while balancing your specific financial targets including:

    • Emergency Fund Planning
    • Secure Income & Longevity Planning
    • Strategic Capital Appreciation & Growth

  • Advanced Tax-Planning

    Your after-tax return is your most important return. Along with providing helpful resources for simple tax preparation, Crown Haven ensures that each investment and allocation is optimized for tax efficiency, with the goal of saving you taxes in every legally and ethically viable way.

  • Long-Term Healthcare

    A healthcare emergency shouldn’t be a financial catastrophe. A loved one’s passing is hard enough without the added stress of unresolved financial affairs.

    With Crown Haven’s RetireSHIELD®, your money is creditor-protected during life and probate-protected at death.

  • Proactive Legacy & Estate Planning

    You can rest assured that your estate plan will include protections so that if you should become ill. Your only concern will be returning to good health, and if God forbid you pass, your spouse or heirs will inherit your wealth as you wish – with minimal delay – accompanied by your personal advisory team every step of the way.


An Independent advisor is an advisor that has the freedom to select any product, account, fund, policy, or service (or combination of these) to build a truly customized portfolio for their client. Truly independent advisors are not bound by any constraints, allowing them to significantly minimize conflicts of interest.


A Fiduciary advisor is one who always and only acts in the best interests of their clients. Fiduciaries are bound by the Fiduciary Standard, which requires advisors to always put the best interest of the clients first.

Schedule A RetireSHIELD® Relationship Visit

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Client Testimonials

Hear what our satisfied clients have to say about our financial planning services, and begin to understand why we are consistently ranked among the top advisory practices in the country.

Crown Haven Wealth Advisors Logo | Crown Only

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Crown Haven Wealth Advisors team for all the time and effort spent on not only securing my retirement portfolio but in the way your team was responsive to my questions and vision for my upcoming retirement.

All of you treated me with the utmost respect.

Crown Haven Wealth Advisors Logo | Crown Only

After years of investing with top national firms, I landed at Crown Haven Wealth Advisors.

Portfolio moves were seamless and their dedication, expertise, and above all honesty truly puts them on the top of the professional investment community.

There’s no doubt they will contribute to my financial success for years to come and I let everyone I know where to park their hard-earned money.

Thanks Crown Haven.

Crown Haven Wealth Advisors Logo | Crown Only

This firm offers products designed to protect your money, not risk it.

I have true peace of mind from their advice and the financial instruments that they guided me to.

I have great trust in these people and can’t recommend them highly enough.

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