Casey Marx Earns The Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) Designation

Crown Haven Wealth Advisors LLC proudly announces Owner and President Casey Marx has earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) designation. He joins a growing group of financial professionals who have earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation and can immediately and clearly demonstrate how they practice a fundamental obligation to always put their clients’ best interest first.

CFF is a professional designation for financial professionals, namely, those who have successfully completed a rigorous certification and training process established by NACFF and The American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA), and who agree to uphold the highest moral, ethical and fiduciary standards of service when providing advice to potential or existing clients.

The National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries (NACFF) was created to provide all the information, tools, and resources needed for financial professionals to ensure they are compliant with fiduciary standards. They have taken it a step further by providing a comprehensive fiduciary training program and certification process that will further establish qualified financial professionals as a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF).

To become a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, Casey Marx met the following requirements:

  • Exemplified the highest standards of morals, ethics, and fiduciary standards of service
  • Successfully completed a rigorous training and certification process
  • Passed a certification exam with a score of 75% or better
  • Passed a full background check and is in good standing with all state and federal license requirements
  • Business office was reviewed for best practices and compliance
  • Completed and submitted the signed CFF Application for Certification
  • Agreed to the NACFF terms of awarding and maintaining certification
  • Agreed to abide by and uphold the CFF Code of Conduct

The CFF course is offered in various states across the US. The exam includes multiple-choice questions on subject areas, including identifying what a fiduciary is, understanding the different types of fiduciaries, what triggers fiduciary responsibility, the best interest standard, the SEC Best Interest Regulation proposal, the NACFF code of conduct, and fiduciary pledge of Good Faith, Care, and Loyalty to our Client’s Best Interest.”

For more information about National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries™ and to register online, visit

Read the NACFF Press Release.
See Casey Marx NACFF Profile.

Smart Retirement & 401(k) Moves In 2022

Our very own CEO Casey Marx provided smart retirement & 401(k) moves in 2022 tips to reporter Felicia Lawrence WTHR Indianapolis. With inflation and rising interest rates, the state of the economy may have you on edge, wondering what to do with your retirement money.

If you are closer to retirement age, you don’t have that kind of time for your 401k to rebound in the stock market; you should ask yourself this question… “Can you really afford to go down another 10-20%? If you know you can afford to go down another 10-20%, then you stay the course. If you can’t afford that, you probably shouldn’t remain where you are currently at. The likelihood of the market going up – especially straight up like it did in 2020 after all the monetary stimulus – is like zero. That’s not going to happen this time.”

“The younger person is probably going to have a much larger risk capacity, meaning they can experience some volatility, and it won’t kill them,” said Marx. “And if you were going to get into the market at this stage, you can do dollar-cost averaging. So if you really like a company, you can buy now at a $100, and if they go down to $90, it won’t matter to you because 30 years from now, they could sell for $500, and that’s a win anyway.”

It’s difficult to give blanket advice for everyone, but the best thing you can do is analyze your risk assessment. It looks different for everyone, which is why Marx recommends you get a financial advisor to help you understand which direction you should take.

Crown Haven Wealth Advisors has a limited number of free financial planning sessions available.  We are happy to have the meeting with you in person in our offices in Carmel, Indiana, by Zoom or over the phone. You can schedule your complimentary appointment online or by calling 317-564-4691

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Finances In Order

Financial planning requires discipline and dedication. Crown Haven Wealth Founder and President Casey Marx shared a step-by-step guide to getting your finances in order with WTHR.

Maintaining discipline is the best way to stick to your goals. Break your goals down into quarterly and yearly numbers that are attainable for your specific situation.

Our CEO Casey Marx, says, “Take time — 30 minutes each week — look at everything and manage it as if you were the chief financial officer of your wealth and be cold-hearted. Be a businessperson. ‘What can I cut? How can I take care of myself?’ All of these different things. Track your spending.”

At Crown Haven Wealth Advisors, we know budgeting is part of a solid financial plan. You also need to include all aspects of your finances, including 401(k), IRAs, Investment accounts, tax planning, estate planning, and more. We optimize your portfolio to match your risk capacity, time horizon, income requirements, cash flow needs, growth objectives, and legacy desires through our proprietary plan we call

If you want to experience the holistic way we approach financial planning with our please feel free to schedule a complimentary appointment online. You can choose to meet in person or via zoom call.

Crown Haven Adopted 100 Salvation Army Angels In Indianapolis

Crown Haven adopted 100 Salvation Army Angels in Indianapolis this holiday season. We are beyond thankful that our business has thrived through this challenging year. With that success, we wanted to give back to our community.

Partnering with the Salvation Army Indianapolis we are adopting a minimum of 100 Salvation Army Angels. WTHR was there capturing and sharing our mission when we dropped off gifts for nearly 30 families. We then made a cash donation so that their total donation completed their goal.

Salvation Army Indiana Award Crown Haven

We challenge our financial planning clients and other Indianapolis businesses to join in the effort and give back to our community. Contact us if you would like to be part of our efforts.

Regardless of where you are at everyone at Crown Haven Wealth Advisors wishes you all a happy and healthy holiday!

Salvation Army Indianapolis

Casey Marx Receives 2020 Financial Advisor of the Year Award

Indiana’s own Casey Marx just received the 2020 Financial Advisor Of The Yea Year Award from Aegis Financial. We see him working with clients in the Indianapolis area every day and know exactly the difference he makes in their retirement planning through their 401k accounts, IRAs. annuities, life insurance, estate planning and more.

We invite you to see why the program Casey created to RetireSHIELD® to systematically protect individuals and institutions assets against any and all market risk allow for growth to outpace inflation and create income that they will never outlive. Contact us now to set up a complimentary consultation with the 2020 Financial Advisor Of The Year.

Casey Marx, based throughout Indiana, has been awarded the prestigious Advisor of the Year. The plaque is engraved with a quote from Nelson Mandela, “Everyone can rise above their circumstance and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” Aegis Financial presented the award at its National Sales Symposium in Denver.

A trailblazer, Casey has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Financial Leaders, is continually recognized as a standing member of the National Ethics Association, and is a sought-after speaker in the retirement income planning field for his unique perspective on retirement income planning solutions for baby boomers and those approaching or in retirement.

As host of Indiana’s #1 retirement income planning shows Smart Money with Casey Marx, Casey finds great joy assisting Hoosiers to guarantee their retirement dollars for a future in which they can genuinely rely upon. His firm, Crown Haven, was just rated the #1 Independent Wealth Advisory Practice in Indiana.

Casey believes in continuing his education so that he can transfer that knowledge as a benefit to his clients—he recently completed a course at Yale entitled “The Global Financial Crisis” lectured by former US Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner.

To accompany his other distinguished honors, Casey has earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional designation at The American College, unanimously the #1 designation in the field.

“I’m proud to educate my clients in a field where education is viewed as taboo. I desperately want my clients to understand the things they can control—risk and fees— and how to best control them. It’s only a mere result of my thousands of hours and extensive study that I know what I know. “

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