Advanced Tax Planning

Advanced tax planning & preparation for retirement planning focuses on the most important number in your portfolio: the after-tax number.

We analyze your current tax strategy from an investment standpoint, identify sources of inefficiency, and recommend actions to minimize the effect taxes have on your wealth

Goals & Outcomes:

  • Maximize Your After-Tax Return

  • Minimize Your Tax Liability

  • Optimize Your Portfolio’s Long-Term Tax Strategy

  • Support Your Preparation and Submission of Tax Documents

Along with tax planning in your portfolio, we also assist in the preparation of tax documents for your return.

What We Will Discuss:

Our team looks inside your portfolio for the capital gains or losses that each security may affect, if they were realized.

By strategically identifying areas with relatively large gains or losses, we can create a realization plan that minimizes the tax consequences of selling the security. This strategy is especially effective for individuals who are entering or are already in retirement.

Tax loss harvesting is the practice of realizing capital losses to offset capital gains. By neutralizing capital gains, an investor can reduce their taxable liability, and, in some cases, create carry-forward losses that can protect a portfolio from unnecessary taxes in future years. This is an especially useful and helpful exercise when clients join our firm.

Tax loss harvesting can also offset up to $3,000 of taxable income, which also reduces an investor’s tax liability.

As a service to clients, we offer support in pulling 1099’s, 1099-R’s, K-1’s, and other sensitive tax documents. Our goal is to help you simplify the management of your wealth, which includes simplifying the process of pulling tax documents.

In retirement, a primary or supplementary source of income may be distributions from your investment portfolio.

We work with you to strategically withdraw capital from your portfolio with the goal of minimizing the tax consequences associated with withdrawing additional income.

We work with a select group of highly vetted and qualified CPA’s who can help you prepare your taxes. We will also work with your current CPA to give them the information they need to optimize your tax return.

Next Step

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