Small Business Owner

As you approach your wealth management as a small business owner you have financial planning questions. Your life is a balancing act, and sometimes you wear one-to-many hats. Your determination and grit have brought you financial success. You value your time and know how to delegate – but when you do – you make sure you find the right person for the job.

As a small business owner, you might have some questions surrounding your financial readiness:

  • Am I prepared for retirement?

  • Will my money last?

  • How can I effectively balance the financial needs of my company with my personal financial needs?

  • Will my lack of a traditional retirement plan or pension affect my retirement future? How can I address this?

  • How can I build an optimized wealth building and retirement strategy that integrates risk management, tax planning, liquidity event planning, income planning, succession planning?

  • How much money will I need on a monthly basis? Is this possible to safely accomplish with my current portfolio?

  • Has my Retirement plan been purposefully designed to meet my needs? Is my portfolio built right?

  • Have I selected the correct holdings for my current situation, risk capacity, future goals, and stated objectives?

  • Can I reduce my cost of investment?

  • Am I using an optimal tax strategy?

  • Do I have the right mix of taxable and tax-deferred accounts? Does my spouse?

  • Will health care costs impact me in retirement?

  • Will my lack of a traditional employer sponsored health care plan affect me negatively?

  • What will my care look like if I become sick?

  • Am I protected from creditors if I become sick? Is my spouse?

  • What will my legacy look like? Is my estate plan set up properly? Do I have the right kind of insurance? Does my Spouse? Are we protected from probate? How much of my estate will be taxable?

  • How can I create a relationship with one group of trusted professionals that understand that my time is valuable and can help me manage all aspects of my financial life?

We understand that your time as a small business owner is everything, but we also believe that you should pay as much respect to your financial future as you pay to your current business obligations.

At Crown Haven, we build a trusted relationship based on the fiduciary standard so that we clearly define your goals and expectations, then execute on your behalf, allowing you to spend your time focusing on what has made you successful in the first place.

We specifically designed and trademarked our RetireSHIELD® process to optimize your:

As a firm that was built from the ground up, Crown Haven is uniquely positioned to understand the myriad financial issues small business owners face – and how to solve them.

Choose Crown Haven, so you can have the confidence in knowing that your wealth is being managed by a team that understands what it means to be a business owner, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the things that matter most to you.

Independent & Fiduciary

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

As an independent & fiduciary RIA, Crown Haven ensures your financial advice is always in your best interest, your advisory fees are transparent, and your financial goals & objectives are always the top focus.

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