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Wealth Management for a Young Professional is more important than any other time. In your youth, you witnessed two of the worst stock market crashes in recent history. To get ahead, you took on debt or sacrificed a great deal of your time & energy to complete your education. You believe you could manage your own money, but doing so will take time away from activities that you enjoy. You are hesitant to trust a system that you’ve already seen fail those you love the most; however, you desire a trusted team of professionals to help you grow your wealth so you can retire on your own terms.

At Crown Haven, we designed our WealthBOOSTER™ planning process to address several issues young professionals face as you approach your wealth management, issues like:

  • How can I create a relationship with a team of trusted professionals that understand that my time is valuable and can help me manage all aspects of my financial life? How can I require transparency and accountability of my financial team?

  • How can I develop a fully integrated wealth management plan that will see me through all of life’s major events and decision points?

  • How can I effectively balance paying off my financial liabilities with growing my wealth for the future? Is my budget realistic?

  • How can I build the optimal portfolio for my needs? Have I selected the correct holdings for my current situation, risk capacity, future goals, and stated objectives? Can I reduce my cost of investment in my 401k or IRA?

  • Am I using an optimal tax strategy? Do I have the right mix of taxable and tax-deferred accounts?

  • How can I purposefully plan for a successful retirement that is designed for my specific needs?

  • How can I make sure that my money will last? How much money will I need on a monthly basis?

  • How will I handle liquidity events such as inheritances in the most tax-advantaged way? Will the passage of the Secure Act and elimination of the Stretch IRA affect my inheritance taxes?

  • How will I plan for the needs of my growing family? Do I plan on relocating or upsizing my home? Is my spouse protected with low cost term life insurance if I pass? Will my children be able to afford college? Have I considered a 529 plan for education expenses?

We understand that financial planning can seem overwhelming, especially when your life is a balancing act. This is the exact reason to establish a solid foundation with the right team that can automate your wealth-building process by implementing scheduled contributions to tax-advantaged retirement accounts and provide clarity on how to achieve your financial goals through purposeful financial planning.

At Crown Haven, we serve as your guide to the financial industry, building a trusted relationship based on the fiduciary standard so that you understand your financial path forward and how we’ll help you reach the finish line. Specifically, you’ll go through our WealthBOOSTER™ process, to optimize your:

The financial decisions you make now – while you’re young – will compound exponentially over time, meaning choosing the right financial team to define your objectives and automate your wealth management plan is more important now than ever.

Choose Crown Haven – and our WealthBOOSTER – so you can have the confidence in knowing that your wealth is being managed by a team that will help you get where you want to go so that you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you.

Independent & Fiduciary

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

As an independent & fiduciary RIA, Crown Haven ensures your financial advice is always in your best interest, your advisory fees are transparent, and your financial goals & objectives are always the top focus.

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