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Casey Marx and the Crown Haven Wealth Advisors team have created a number of downloadable financial planning resources to help navigate the process and find more success. Download All Of Our Resources & Guides Below For Absolutely FREE!

Baby Boomer Retirement Boot Camp By Casey A. Marx | Tablet eBook

Baby Boomer Retirement Bootcamp

Baby Boomer Retirement Boot Camp: Your Guide to a Safe Future, author Casey A. Marx provides a complete, unobstructed view of what’s behind the financial industry’s curtain. It examines the purpose of retirement – happiness – including the requirements to achieve and maintain that purpose, as well as a no-holds-barred look at the complex financial sales industry.

Gathered from years of research and work, Marx covers a range of topics, including managing your lifestyle in retirement, guaranteed income replacement, investment options involving risk, modern portfolio theories, variable annuities, fixed-indexed annuities, risk-management professionals, insurance professionals, and holistic advisors. Offering insight into a holistic process for a reliable financial future, Marx helps real people plan their retirement.

Baby Boomers Retirement Boot Camp seeks to give you a comprehensive guide to achieving gains that compound annually – without subjecting your money to the perils of the market – to provide you an income you and your spouse will never outlive.

10 Tips for Navigating Stock Market Bubbles

10 Tips For Navigating Stock Market Bubbles ebook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

10 Tips for Navigating Stock Market Bubbles will help you successfully navigate these periods and avoid taking on outsized risk. This guide will help you see things in a different way to avoid mania-driven investing mistakes.

The Crown Haven Difference

Crown Haven Difference Financial Planning | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Learn why Crown Haven has been rated one of Indiana’s best Financial Advisory Practices by downloading our free guide: The Crown Haven Difference.

101 Retirement Tips

101 retirement tips guide | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

We created the 101 Retirement Tips Resource Guide from the best of what our team has learned from assisting our clients throughout the years. These tips could save you thousands of dollars compounded over your lifetime.

Purpose Based Planning Guide

Purpose Based Planning ebook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Experience personalized and purposeful financial planning to ensure your wealth is properly positioned to accomplish your desired outcome, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most to you.

The Ultimate Guide to Net Worth & Your Retirement

Ultimate Guide Net Worth & Your Retirement eBook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

The Ultimate Guide To Net Worth & Your Retirement will help you think about your money, investments, and other assets so you focus on what matters most. We want to help you protect, grow, and sustain your wealth for you; so you can focus more of your time on what matters most.

The 7-Minute Guide to Retirement Income Planning

Crown Haven 7 Minute Guide To Retirement Income | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Do you know how much your retirement will cost? How you will pay for it? The Definitive Guide To Retirement Income Planning will give you fresh ideas to explore to generate income from your money through retirement. Get the knowledge of making your money work for you.

Tax-Free Income Planning Guide

Tax Free Income Planning Guide 2022 | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

The Tax-Free Income Planning Guide demonstrates how Life Insurance is the lowest cost form of “umbrella coverage” where the policyholder will pay a level premium for a specified period of time and heirs/spouse can receive a tax-free lump sum.

Benefits of Roth Conversions Guide

benefit roth conversion in 2022 | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Benefits of Roth Conversions Guide illustrates the possible tax benefits that can be achieved through the process of a Roth Conversion, thereby creating tax-free income in retirement. This guide is a must for people looking to retire.

Annuities & Retirement Guide

Annuities & Retirement: What you need to know to have the best preparation for retirement. | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Annuities are often a misunderstood type of investment. With our guide Annuities & Retirement, we demystify this common and often polarizing retirement planning vehicle. A must for anyone looking to understand annuities and how they work.

Tax-Free Estate Planning Guide

Tax Free Estate Planning eBook 2022 | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Learn about one of our favorite strategies to create a tax-free and probate protected legacy for your loved ones by downloading our guide: Tax Free Estate Planning.

Ultimate 401(k) Retirement Planning Guide

Ultimate 401(k) Retirement Planning Guide eBook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

The Ultimate 401(k) Retirement Planning Guide will cover several topics, including maximizing tax-deferred savings, what to do before retirement, the options you may have when you switch employers, and more.

13 Retirement Pitfalls To Avoid Guide

Crown Haven Retirement Pitfalls eBook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Do you feel compelled to place big bets to max out your retirement? Have you fallen for a Ponzi scheme? This eBook covers the investment mistakes you don’t want to make.

SEC’s Guide to Variable Annuities

SEC Guide To Variable Annuities ebook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

The SEC’s Guide to Variable Annuities: What You Should Know will give you the knowledge of how variable annuities work, and the considerations you should make when looking at a variable annuity and how it may fit into your retirement picture.

Your Net Worth in Retirement Guide

Your Net Worth In Retirement eBook | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Free Download

Typically, net worth is the yardstick of choice for measuring financial success. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t wonder how yours stacked up against your peers – and this is a common question our clients at Crown Haven ask us.

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