RetireSHIELD® Plan Design

Your RetireSHIELD® Plan design optimizes your portfolio to match your risk capacity, time horizon, income requirements, cash flow needs, growth objectives, and legacy desires.

Goals & Outcomes:

  • Target Your Financial Goals & Objectives For The Portfolio

  • Build Your Custom Plan using our Registered RetireSHIELD® Process

  • Replace Inefficient Securities with Optimal Securities

  • Replace Inefficient Insured Accounts with Optimal Insured Accounts

  • Add select securities or insured accounts to optimize portfolio diversification

We build upon the knowledge gained about you and your goals during our relationship visit, as well as the information we gained from the diagnostic to form the basis of your completely customized RetireSHIELD® plan, expertly tailored to fit your specific goals and objectives.

What We Will Discuss:

Our team builds a custom portfolio tailored to your stated goals and objectives. There are no “cookie-cutter” plans at our firm – each RetireSHIELD® is highly customized to the client’s unique situation.

There are three main components to each RetireSHIELD® investment portfolio, and these three components are designed to serve very specific purposes.

Your RetireSHIELD® plan will include funds allocated specifically for emergency situations.

The thing about emergencies is that we hope they never happen, but if they do, we want to be financially able to handle them, and that means we need to be liquid.

At Crown Haven, you’ll never see a disgruntled look from an advisor for having cash in the bank that’s “not invested” – or hear a sales pitch surrounding a great new idea for that cash – in fact, we’ll encourage you to have funds put aside for the explicit purpose of emergency situations.

Our Secure Income Planning Approach focuses on creating an income producing section of the portfolio that both generates income and protects your capital – without reducing your principal.

The total amount of funds allocated to this portion of the portfolio will depend on the amount of income you need to reliably receive in order to maintain your standard of living in retirement, for the rest of your life – this section of the portfolio is what our retired Crown Haven clients call their “Good Night’s Sleep Insurance”.

We call it our Secure Income & Longevity Planning.

Crown Haven’s Strategic Growth Approach creates a well-diversified and well-positioned equity component of the total portfolio.

The investments allocated to this portion of the RetireSHIELD® plan design are focused on capital growth and capital appreciation, with an added benefit of increased income, if desired.

In partnership with Institutional Wealth Managers, we are able to provide our clients added values such as cutting edge research and insight, advanced algorithmic trading, proprietary stop-loss protections, and access to institutional funds not made available directly to the public.

The portion of the total portfolio dedicated to Strategic Growth depends on the time horizon, risk capacity, risk tolerance, and overall objectives of the client.

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