Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Finances In Order

Financial planning requires discipline and dedication. Crown Haven Wealth Founder and President Casey Marx shared a step-by-step guide to getting your finances in order with WTHR.

Maintaining discipline is the best way to stick to your goals. Break your goals down into quarterly and yearly numbers that are attainable for your specific situation.

Our CEO Casey Marx, says, “Take time — 30 minutes each week — look at everything and manage it as if you were the chief financial officer of your wealth and be cold-hearted. Be a businessperson. ‘What can I cut? How can I take care of myself?’ All of these different things. Track your spending.”

At Crown Haven Wealth Advisors, we know budgeting is part of a solid financial plan. You also need to include all aspects of your finances, including 401(k), IRAs, Investment accounts, tax planning, estate planning, and more. We optimize your portfolio to match your risk capacity, time horizon, income requirements, cash flow needs, growth objectives, and legacy desires through our proprietary plan we call

If you want to experience the holistic way we approach financial planning with our please feel free to schedule a complimentary appointment online. You can choose to meet in person or via zoom call.