Preservation Of Your Retirement Principle

My emphasis is on the preservation of your retirement principle, participation in market gains, and a lifetime of income that you cannot outlive Crown Haven planning prepares you for a retirement that you can count on. This is what we do to ensure your hard-earned money is 100% safe from any and all market losses. We simply stay away from things that can lose your money. That means we don’t use stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or variable annuities. You see, when you suffer a loss in the market, even a small loss, you have two problems.

At Crown Haven Wealth Advisors, we use our program RetireSHIELD® based on specialized financial planning that can provide first-year returns of up to 10% or more. We also include contractual guarantees that you will never suffer a loss because of stock market declines while locking in your yearly gains with no fees or loads taken from your deposit. Now on this program, my message is different from what you normally hear on financial planning shows, largely because my concepts are different.

First, when an investment loses value, that lost value is the first problem. The second problem is the time it actually takes to make back that loss. That is if you can even make it back at all. Now your money can’t be working for you. If you’re losing that money could be gone forever, destroying your opportunity for compounding for two reasons.

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