Misconceptions About Retirement Planning

I need to share with you misconceptions about retirement planning and how people think of their retirement. Many people have been taught by educators and even financial planners to think of their retirement dollars as a pile of money. For example, you might have $200,000 in your retirement account right now and be thinking that to retire, that you need $500,000 or some other made-up figure. Now I have to tell you that this type of thinking ruins more people’s retirement than our volatile stock market and all of the scam artists combined. It’s not about how big that number is. It’s about how much income you have.

I know people that have almost nothing in their retirement accounts and are living very comfortably in their golden years. So the question becomes how do they do that? The concept is called passive residual income. Now passive residual income is money that comes to you every single month, regardless of how much money you have in your bank, or your ability to work. It comes from not thinking of your money as an account value, but rather as an income value.

To the extent that you work, you have a secure source of income, but when you retire, you need to replace that secure source of income with secure sources. So that could be social security. It could be a pension if you’re lucky enough to have one. However, most people are going to have what we call an income gap that they’re going to have to fill from their asset base or their retirement accounts.

Now the question becomes, do we want to look at those assets those retirement accounts as one big pile of cash. Do we want to leave that pile of cash in the world’s greatest Casino? The stock market… susceptible to upward and downward volatile market swings? Or do we want to use that pile of cash and transform it into something that will provide you with the same reliable income similar to what you had while working?

So it’s essential to think that your assets are an income-producing vehicle rather than just a number in an account. Now, some sources of passive residual income can be commercially leased property that pays you a positive cash flow month after month. Other people have oil wells that pay per month royalties, then there are those of you who have become my clients at Crown Haven.

Over the last decade, I’ve shown my clients at Crown Haven, how to take their IRA 401k or other retirement accounts and turn them into income accounts that will grow until they’re ready to retire so they can enjoy it for the rest of their life guaranteed. Our mission statement at Crown Haven is to ensure our clients worry less about their money and spend more time enjoying their lives. And that begins with building a secure foundation for income. My customized RetireSHIELD®retirement plan will help you to change the way you think about your retirement money.

If you want to do something, we invite you to work with our financial planning team and open an account that will give you up to a 10% bonus on your initial deposit up to 7% compounded interest. Most importantly, we will help provide you with a lifetime of income you will never outlive. You can even make sure your lifetime income lasts for the life of your spouse. Part of our RetireSHIELD® Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that your spouse also won’t outlast your money?

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