Joseph Zimmermann

Vice President of Advisory Services – Crown Haven Wealth Advisors

Joseph Zimmerman | VP of Advisory Services | Crown Haven Wealth Advisors | Retirement Planners

In the quiet heart of Wisconsin’s countryside, a journey began.

It wasn’t just about numbers —it was about dreams, family, and looking out for others above all else.

Meet Joe, Crown Haven’s Vice President of Advisory Services.

For Joe, 2011 was a big year. His first daughter, Isabella, was born, and his parents officially retired. Growing up on a small farm, Joe learned the value of hard work, teamwork, and making things count.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Joe’s parents faced tough financial challenges in their retirement. Despite their efforts, some bad financial advice left them struggling. Seeing his family go through that pushed Joe to find a better way.

Joe dove into learning about money, spurred on by his uncle’s advice to make every cent count. He realized something big: lots of folks, just like his family, didn’t have the help they desperately needed with their money.

That’s when Joe decided to step up. He started his own independent advisory firm – Pure River Wealth –  to give folks a different kind of financial help—one that cared more about people than profits.

With Pure River Wealth, Joe positively impacted the lives of hundreds of clients in the Great Lakes Region.

But Joe wanted to do even more.

He sought out mentors who shared his belief in putting clients first. That’s how he found Crown Haven—a place where values like honesty, kindness, and taking care of folks mattered most.

Joining Crown Haven was a significant move for Joe, driven by his desire to align with a national leader in retirement planning and to utilize Crown Haven’s trademarked RetireSHIELD™ planning process.

With Crown Haven, Joe found a new home to offer his current clients even more value.

Together, they’re all about making retirement planning simple and caring for families like yours.

Today, Joe isn’t just a planner—he’s a friend you can trust with your future. He’s all about making sure your retirement isn’t just smooth sailing, but filled with possibilities.

With Crown Haven supporting him, he’s ready to make a real difference in your life.

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