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07/18/22 Wealth Management Insights

Another SetbackA rally on Friday in the wake of a solid report on monthly retail sales wasn’t enough to offset the stock market’s rough start to the week. The major U.S. indexes recorded small declines, falling for the 12th week out of the past 15. Retail ResilienceU.S. retail sales rose 1.0% in June, slightly above […]

Casey Marx Outlook Update 07/13/22

The June inflation report just came out and the number was 9.1%. A lot higher than was initially anticipated and now you have all the prognosticators in the market and the media coming out and arguing why that is the case. Watch Casey Marx RICP® Discuss The June Inflation Number The June inflation report just […]

07/11/22 Wealth Management Insights

Flip Flop U.S. stocks posted modest weekly gains, reversing the negative trend of the previous week. There was a wide divergence across the major U.S. indexes, with the NASDAQ gaining nearly 5%, the S&P 500 adding 2%, and the Dow rising less than 1%. Yield Curve InversionFor the second time this year, the yield curve […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Finances In Order

Financial planning requires discipline and dedication. Crown Haven Wealth Founder and President Casey Marx shared a step-by-step guide to getting your finances in order with WTHR. Maintaining discipline is the best way to stick to your goals. Break your goals down into quarterly and yearly numbers that are attainable for your specific situation. Our CEO […]

06/27/22 Wealth Management Insights

Roaring BackAfter declining for three weeks in a row, the major U.S. stock indexes regained their footing, with the NASDAQ surging more than 7%, the S&P 500 adding more than 6%, and the Dow rising more than 5%. The results marked a near mirror-image reversal from the previous week when the S&P fell into a […]

06/20/22 Wealth Management Insights

The 3.9% sell-off on Monday pushed the S&P 500 into a bear market, as the index’s decline from a record high achieved on January 3, 2022, exceeded 20.0%. The NASDAQ has been in a bear market since March, while the Dow on Friday was just shy of a bear, as it was 18.7% below a […]

6/13/22 Wealth Management Insights

Please enjoy the 6/13/22 Wealth Management Insights edition from Crown Haven Wealth Advisors, Indiana’s #1 independent and fiduciary full-service firm. Slippery Slope – The major U.S. stock indexes fell around 5% to 6%, with the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ posting the ninth negative weekly result out of the past ten. Most of the latest […]

6/06/22 Wealth Management Insights

Please enjoy the 6/06/22 Wealth Management Insights edition from Crown Haven Wealth Advisors, Indiana’s #1 independent and fiduciary full-service firm. May’s Tumult – Although May produced plenty of equity market volatility on the heels of April’s sell-off, the major U.S. indexes didn’t make any big moves overall last month. The S&P 500 and the Dow […]

5/23/22 Wealth Management Insights

Brush with a BearThe year-to-date sell-off in stocks accelerated, as the major U.S. Indexes fell around 3% to 4% for the week. The S&P 500 barely avoided entering a bear market at Friday’s close after having briefly fallen earlier in the afternoon to a level 20% below its record high set on January 3, 2022. […]