Equity Indexed Annuities

By Toma Franklin, Staff Writer

One of the key issues facing every investor is to find the right balance of risk as opposed to gain. If you play it safe, you get back minimal returns, with some pre-specified interest. If you go for high profit margins, the risk factor is something that you learn to live with. Faced with these opposing current, the insurance industry has come up an innovative solution in the form of equity indexed annuities, which give an investor the best of both worlds – A percentage share in profits, if any, from investments in the stock market, coupled with the security of a guaranteed minimal amount.

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Creditor Protection: The Annuity Option

Annuity Option Creditor Protection

By Rob Wiegland, Staff Writer

With current bankruptcy laws making it more difficult to qualify for debt relief on still available avenue could be the use of an annuity. In some states the income from an annuity payment is protected from creditors. Each state is different and many states have had these laws come under fire because of lawsuits. It is important to always ask for legal and tax advice when considering using an annuity as a protected asset.

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Top 10 Annuity Myths Exposed

New market report reveals annuity critics are often biased and incorrect in their perceptions of annuities within retirement planning

While annuities have played an integral role in retirement planning throughout most of the last century, a new report reveals that the average consumer is now ten times more likely to read information designed to discourage annuities rather than endorse them.

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